After 28 years of lifting the performance & profitability of many of Australia's leading enterprises, we can no longer ignore the fact that most of our clients use these gains to do even more polluting of our vulnerable biosphere. So enough is enough.

We are rebooting our management consulting-training service under the new brand – TEAMPOWER.COM.AU (inc. the ABILITYMASTERTM Program) – to exclusively serve enterprises dedicated to reducing Australasia's carbon footprint. As you know, though, the playing field is tilted against running truly sustainable ventures, requiring just that much more nous—yes, and teampower—to overtake "business as usual". This we can provide, but first we need to know what is most needed & wanted by good operators like yourself.

Please take a moment to give us the benefit of your experience. Just tick a few boxes below and it's done. (Your personal response will remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.)

Tick the square box to the left of each service/outcome below that interests you in your current role.
(Select as many as you like - there's 24 options to choose from - but answer only from your own operational perspective, not what ecofriendly businesses need in general.)

No passengers or pets, disruptors adapted, so only hi-yield performers

Compelling negotiation producing
spirited cooperation

Pain-free recruit processing that exceeds expectations

Strategic Scoreboarding that incites mission-critical coordination

Portents never overlooked, risks managed astutely & economically

Customer sovereignty generating
abundant 'word of mouth'

Invigorating your team so each excels themselves repeatedly

Acid-testing staff to reveal underutilised gems

Convert market intel into offers
they cannot refuse

No more gambles, just pre-tested sure things

Newbies pulling their weight asap and injecting new life

Everyone stationed to put their best foot forward and in sync

Align contribution to society to directly raise performance & profit

Making your numbers tell your fortune

Dynamic alignment of ability vs seniority boosts team morale

Not one more training dollar wasted

Transforming outsourcing into profit centers

Your priorities facilitated - done well, on time, under budget

Nipping the oversights before they can become threats

Blasting through the lines of most resistance

Abreast of the latest developments, field-testing the best

No 'growth casualties', all rise to meet new demands

New market opportunities spotted, cultivated, harvested

Self-interference dispelled in any of its guises - including overstress, phobias, addictions, bad habits, etc

Now look back over your selections above and tell us which one item is most important of all to you by ticking the circular box to the right of it.

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